The Arts Lounge

About the Arts Lounge

The Arts Lounge is located at POD 349, a space exclusively for Faculty of Arts students at Toronto Metropolitan University. Featuring generous seating arrangements, it invites students to engage in focused study sessions or simply unwind and socialize. 

The Arts Lounge can also be booked for events. For more information on arts lounge bookings and policies, see the booking details section of the arts lounge page below.

For more details on the Arts Lounge or to make a suggestion visit the Arts Lounge page below.


Grants & Awards

For the 2023-2024 academic year the Society of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (SASSH) will be granting 50 bursaries totaling $34,000+. These awards seek to celebrate and encourage academic engagement, leadership development, and community engagement within the Faculty of Arts. To learn more & apply see the link below.

Campus Resources

Whether you’re in need of academic and career resources TMU offers a variety of programs such as Writing & Language Support, Math & Computer Science Support, Academic Success or Study Skills & Transition Support. In addition to mental health and wellbeing resources to suit your needs as an international student or LGBTQ+ student as well as many others. Sexual violence and support resources are also available. To learn more see all the campus resources below!

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