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The impact of a truly empowered teacher goes far beyond what can be measured with numbers. As role models and community leaders, they have the power to create change that lasts for generations. 1 Million Teachers is the international programming partner for the development of empowered teachers, we go beyond training to also create pathways to job satisfaction and consistent income in order to achieve sustainability. 

Fingerprints Inc.

Fingerprints Inc. is an education company that is dedicated to creating equal learning opportunities for students of all different learning styles while fostering meaningful mentorship.

Recently they have launched the Fingerprints Inc. At Home Experience that has provided students in grades 4-8 with one-on-one guidance from a student mentor in university who is passionate about education.

To ensure that your child is given the care and patience that is needed for learning, their mentors are trained to be devoted and responsible leaders that are dedicated to assisting your child feel heard and accepted. The Fingerprints Inc. Team welcomes you to partake in their journey to create accessible learning for students of all skill sets, personalities and learning styles.