Meet the Team

The SASSH is governed by the Board of Directors which consists of 8 Executives and 12 Directors that represent the programs in the Faculty of Arts. Each executive has their own committee who ensure that the SASSH runs smoothly. Click on their photos to learn more about them.

Board of Directors 2024-2025



Sara Xhango

Vice President of Operations

Thomas Nguyen

Vice President of Finance

Yunes Tabibzadeh

Vice President of Events

Andrii Shumilin

Vice President of Marketing

Melissa Ventocilla

Vice President of Community Relations

Ricardo Valderrama

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Ciboney Pennyman

Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Laaibah Shami

Director of Arts and Contemporary Studies

Harjas Toor

Director of Criminology

Oindrilla Ray

Director of English

Izel Karadeniz

Director of Environment and Urban Sustainability

Director of Geographic Analysis

Jordan Le Roux

Director of History

Joshua Klomp

Director of International Economics and Finance

Kurt Casis

Director of Language and Intercultural Relations

Aliza Alexeev

Director of Philosophy

Kashaf Alvi

Director of Politics and Governance

Sarah Shahrour

Director of Psychology

Meia Mathura

Director of Sociology


Avala Moore


Honorary President

Honorary President