About the Library

The Arts Lounge Community Library is a Faculty of Arts student run initiative to allow students to borrow content. For a list of items available see the catalogue below. 


For borrowing an item please review the sign out policies and then use the sign out form below. 


1. Treat items from this library as your own. We understand that things happen! if a book is lost or damaged, please contact vp.community@sassh.ca as soon as possible.

2. Items may be reserved for a maximum of 2 weeks, and no more than 2 items may be reserved by one individual at a time.

3. Books can be returned to the return box located next to the library in the Arts Lounge (POD349).

4. Please note Arts Library use is intended for Faculty of Arts students only.

Any feedback about this resources may be directed to the vp.community@sassh.ca.