The Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (SASSH) is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and celebrating scholarly achievements. One of the ways SASSH fulfills this mission is by hosting an annual essay contest that showcases and rewards outstanding academic writing. This contest serves as a platform for scholars and students to share their research, ideas, and insights with a wider audience, promoting intellectual discourse and collaboration within the academic community. By recognizing and honoring exceptional essays, SASSH not only encourages academic achievement but also inspires individuals to pursue rigorous inquiry and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields of study.

2024 Essay Contest

Details about the 2024 essay contest hosted by the Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities are set to be announced shortly. The upcoming announcement will reveal the contest’s theme, inviting participants to explore and engage with a specific topic or issue relevant to the fields of arts, social sciences, and humanities. Additionally, information about the prizes and recognition for outstanding essays will be unveiled, providing further motivation for individuals to showcase their academic prowess and intellectual contributions. With the theme and prizes soon to be revealed, participants can eagerly prepare to craft insightful and compelling essays that demonstrate their dedication to academic excellence and scholarly inquiry.

Past Winners