NOTICE: SASSH will not be processing any cheque requisitions from December 1st 2023-January 10th 2024
Good luck on exams and have a great break!

Step 1: 



*When  filling out purpose of payment, please include some details (e.g., food related expenses, name of event, prizes, etc.) 

Step 2
  • When filling out expense allocations, please note:
    The SASSH Cost Centre is 51-57212.
    Refer to the account codes spreadsheet for special activity number and student group account codes 

    – Start with the expense codes
    – Followed with the SA Code
    -If the employee number is not applicable, put 0000000’s where the employee number would be.
    – If you have an EFT registration, please indicate that in the special instructions box located in the requester information box.

    – If you are requesting reimbursement from a CHIT account, please use find the student group’s code found on the student group account code section.

  • If a receipt does not include taxes as a separate amount, just put the total amount and do not estimate taxes (i.e., if there is no taxes on the receipt, put 0 in tax amount and tax percentage). Remember that tips are added to the “Before tax amount” box.

Filling out amounts and taxes

Step 3:
  • Include screenshots of receipts 
  • Attach proof of event in the PDF. Examples include:
    • Flyer of event
    • Photo of event 
    • Attendees list (mandatory for food)
  • After you have completed the cheque requisition, download it as a PDF to attach additional documentation.
    • You can use a software like Adobe Acrobat PDF editor
    • To add documentation directly on the PDF without a software, open thumbnails and insert a file.

Step 4: 

  • Once PDF has all required information, save as ChequeRequistion##### with the specific number shown on the form in the name.

Step 5:

Before you submit your cheque requisition with attached documents, double check with the following checklist

✔ Did I fill add a detailed purpose of payment and indicated if I have filled out an EFT? 

✔ Is my special activity number and student group code correct?

✔ Does my expense allocations align with my receipts?

✔ Have I attached receipts, proof of event, and any other needed documentation?

If all these critical steps are completed, upload PDF to SASSH Simplified Cheque Requisition Form

Cheque Requisition Exemplar

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

1. Request an EFT Registration form by contacting

2. Submit the form with a void cheque or bank letter via the Financial Services dropbox at 1 Dundas West, 9th floor

FOR MORE INFORMATION:!accordion-1517925681377-electronic-funds-transfer–eft-