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About WOC in Law

WOCinLaw, which stands for Women of Color in Law, is a student group within Toronto Metropolitan University that supports women of colour on their prelaw journey. Crafted by and for women of colour, WOCinLaw fosters a safe, nurturing, and inclusive sisterhood environment, empowering undergraduate women of colour students with accessible resources.

From enlightening informative and professional events like: “Reflect Me: Diversity in Law: First Gen Lawyers”, “Voices of Resilience: Women of Color Leading in Law” and “Get Ready with Me (GRWM) for Law School” student panel, we provide a variety of opportunities and events where students can learn, participate and network. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom with courthouse excursions, offering firsthand insights into court hearings and the work of legal professionals.

On the community level, we also provide fun and social events such as “Hot Cocoa And Connect” to create a safe and exciting environment for women of colour students to destress from school and law school preparation.

Ultimately, WOCinLaw is dedicated to bridging the gap for underrepresented women of colour, offering a wide range of resources and unwavering support for those considering a career in law! We represent over 600 women of colour at TMU and aim to provide meaningful experiential opportunities and resources for this equity-deserving group. We ensure to foster safe and inviting spaces, whereby all Women of Colour are reassured and represented.

Past Events

WOC Leading in Law Panelists Event
Get Ready with Me for Law School Event