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About the SSU

The Sociology Student Union is a course union that works to represent all students that are
enrolled in the Sociology program. The SSU works to support our student body academically
and personally throughout their time at TMU. Our union upholds a standard of accessibility,
diversity, equity, and inclusion and we are constantly working to implement these values into our
everyday lives. We are dedicated to welcoming and supporting all students regardless of their
background and strive to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted.

Our union offers students a space for students to not only know more about their program, but
also get to know other students in our department. We do this through hosting a variety of
events that can fit the needs of both academic and social aspects of our student body. Our
purpose as a union is to also represent any interest and concerns that our student body may
have, and advocate for them.

Overall the SSU is a course union that is constantly striving to be a space where students can
thrive academically, socially and personally together. We aim to enhance the experience of
sociology students throughout their time at TMU and promote engagement in and out of the