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About US

The Society of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (SASSH) is a student-led society that is responsible for serving the interests of 4900+ Arts students at Toronto Metropolitan University. The SASSH seeks to create services, resources and events that will enhance the academic, professional, and co-curricular experiences for all Arts students. As a whole, the SASSH works to encourage all members to become active participants within the University, while providing opportunities for personal development.

"At SASSH, our unwavering commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity drives us to empower Faculty of Arts students, supporting their professional, academic and personal growth to unleash the transformative potential of an arts degree both at TMU and beyond"

our values
SASSH believes that EDI is the cornerstone of all success. We are an inclusive organization that consistently works to ensure we address the inequities that those are faced with in society. We are committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all. We work with the university to make extracurricular opportunities available to all students. We go above and beyond to ensure we maintain a welcoming culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging. In 2022, SASSH was a recipient of the Alan Shepard EDI Award.
SASSH believes in strengthening the relationship between students and their community. We build relationships that mutually benefit our students and partners within the Toronto area and beyond. SASSH exists to provide an outlet through which student excellence is promoted at a grander scale. We provide an array of opportunities for our membership and support organizations that align with our values through open and honest communication.
SASSH believes in empowering students within humanities and social science degree programs to be courageous, open-minded, and critical thinkers. We advocate for positive learning environments to enhance students’ productivity and offer additional experiential learning opportunities for Arts students. Students are encouraged to commit to their studies while complimenting their learning with valuable extracurriculars.
SASSH believes in ensuring that all events encourage and promote a safe and comfortable environment for students. Not only is physical wellbeing important to us, but as well as mental and social wellbeing. We ensure that all our events are safe spaces for students where they are able to communicate and build networks that they can support on.
SASSH believes that all students should be able to speak their minds without fear of being rejected, with the only limitation being causing harm to another. In order to be inclusive, we believe it is important to listen to all the diverse array of opinions.